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Date :November 4, 2018

5 Ways to optimise your website for local SEO

If you are into a business that is small to medium size in the expansion, then usually you will not be anxious about the worldwide search results. Instead of global search, you will be more concerned about the local community in which you are going to perform, and the primary concern will be, to be at the top of the local business listings because this will be an essential step in bringing the new consumers. However, this task seems to be massive but if you want to grow your business then showing yourself to the right communities, cities or state should be your topmost priority. By the grace of God, we have a lot of things that you can do to enhance your local online visualness in Melbourne or any other area of the country.


Usually, the consumers have a lot of choices when they look for various products and services, but it is possible to rank first in a sea of competition by following the below-mentioned ways:- 

Finding the best keywords

One thing that most of the people do to get more online visualness is to write blog posts, landing page content and social media posts.No doubt this is an excellent thing, but if you add the targeted keywords for each product plus locality, then it can make your writing efforts more valuable. For e.g.if you give outstanding catering services then you may post content related to catering with keywords like breakfast catering in Melbourne. Putting in keywords with location will help Google to find your content more precisely and google keyword planner tool is very good for finding the best keywords.

Put blogs with keywords on a regular basis

If you want to enhance your visualness in search engine, then one of the most useful ways is to post new content with the targeted keywords regularly and for doing this blogging is the easiest way. By this, you can not only provide useful information to your readers, but by this, you can also put keywords to index for the search engines. The more you post, the more search engines will index your site, and moreover, they will also consider your website more valuable. To make sure that you are touching all of your bases you should make a blogging schedule which should be complete with topics and keywords. Other ways to post new content with a geographical focus include:

  • Local case studies
  • Highlighting local customers success stories
  • Commenting on a local news
  • Location-specific landing pages for product/services offers
  • Creating New product/services pages (If you don’t have a page for each specific service or product, consider making them.)


Enhance Most Important Web Pages using keywords and location

To increase the local search visualness, you should use your page’s main keyword and location to enhance the most important pages on your business website. These elements include:-

  • URL
  • Headings (if necessary)
  • keywords (more probably in the first paragraph of your content)
  • Meta-description
  • Title

Make separate Location Pages for each site on Your Website

If you have more than one location, then you should create a separate page for each location. Each page should have new matter, including new and different keywords based on your keyword research.

Make Your Website Design mobile friendly

Local searchers are more commonly mobile surfers, and it matters a lot that how does your website look like in tablets and smart-phones. If the visitors have to pinch or to expand the content to view it properly then it is more likely that you are losing out on serious business and this happens because of two reasons:

  1. Your site is difficult to navigate.
  2. Search engines give more importance to the mobile-friendly sites as they prove more useful and helpful for users.

Final views on the enhancement of your business website for improved Local Search results:

Unfortunately, there’s not any one solution so that you can launch yourself to the top of SERPs. But with hard work and diligence, you can see excellent results in your search engine position and a marked increase in quality website traffic.

If you also need help in enhancing your website for improved local search, then Sky For Web has a specialisation in providing these services for Melbourne and surrounding areas.