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Date :July 30, 2019

Useful tips for writing best Facebook ads ever

It is not only essential to deliver a powerful message in front of your audiences but also to communicate the correct message about your brand. Facebook is still the best platform that you can utilize to put across your point in front of a particular group of people. Here, we have mentioned two useful ways for making your best Facebook ads ever more productive so that you can send a precise and accurate message to your viewers:

Run A/B tests:

Digital marketing is all about making assumptions. When a digital marketer advertises about some company or product in the Google search results, then most often he presumes that the keywords on which his team is targeting are going to provide the best results. Similar is the case when he posts some advertisement on Facebook to attract the audiences; he supposes that the viewers to whom he is approaching will be paying attention to his offer.

It is not always possible that everything works under your presumptions. Sometimes, the Facebook ad that you have published may fail to hit the target as shown by a low click-through rate or a low conversion rate.

If you are into the field of online marketing, then you can’t leave making assumptions, but for achieving the best results what you can do is to turn those guesses into valuable learning experiences. For that, you must consider running A/B tests which are quite simple exercises of contrasting the performance of two ads.

Create a good experience for the users:

Consider writing ads by blending them well with the surroundings so that they create a good experience for your targeted users.

If you are advertising on Facebook from some time and now you want to bring in your business in front of the new crop of users then you can use the following tips:

Build a lookalike audience based on the people who’ve clicked on your ad posts in the past.

Taking into account that these users are going to engage with your business for the first time, you can ask them to sign up by offering them the free trial of your product. It is a sure shot way to stick your ad like a sore thumb to your viewers.

You can ask your users to check out your videos or blog posts. This way is so apt that some viewers may primarily recognize it as an advertisement.

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