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Common Mistakes While Designing a Company Logo

A company logo is the elaboration of its brand’s personality. Successful logo designs like Nike represent simplicity, attractiveness, and ease to remember. You can also make a catchy eye logo. Following are the mistakes committed while designing a company logo that can avoid with simple tips.

Not Using Vector Graphics
Your company logo design should be responsive. Mostly used raster graphics and bitmaps lose quality when zoomed.
Tip– Always Use vector graphics for fast screen zooming. Use changeable vector graphics and insert the logo into the web pages using HTML5 version.

Recall Trends
For establishing a lifelong brand identity, it is essential to create a logo that can promise quality and describe the company’s dreams and undertakings.
Tip – Define the attributes and promises of the brand. Create the logo based on selected attributes., choose other features and promises if they fail.

Poor Colour codes
, it is significant to think about the meaning of the colour, when you choose only one colour for your company logo. When you work on more than two colours, then reflect on the overall look of colours and their contrasts.
Tip- To avoid colour dependency, design your logo in black and white. You can add colours in the end also to assist changes in future.

Over-Design Fonts and Typefaces
When working with fonts, use the simplest logo designing methods. Over-designed typefaces make the logo look confusing. While working with fonts, keep in mind the information of the company, its brand image, its operations and overall design look.
Tip– Try to use just two font types in one logo. For more than one fonts, use either particular or single shade of the same colour. But the combinations of fonts should be vision-friendly.

 Creating Extra Literal Logos
to avoid complexity, many designers prefer literal logos. But more of them can ruin the look of the website.
Tip –a company logo should be simple, memorable and unique. Don’t pursue a particular style or theme. Use your creativity with simple tools.

Creating Complex Designs
A company logo needs to be easy to remember. It should leave an immediate impact. The designers should not use pictures and images in the logo to avoid complexity.
Tip – Never imitate the successful brands. A simpler logo showcasing a company’s information and its operations brings success.

Use of Stock Art in Logo
Use of stock art images in the logos kills the uniqueness of logo. Some owners design their logos themselves to save money. While doing so, they violate copyright laws and hence lose company’s reputation.
Tip–Make freehand sketches on paper to keep the company information in mind. Review the drawings carefully and discover the best design for your logo.

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