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Date :April 20, 2018

How to Get SEO Clients For Your Digital Marketing Agency

Here, the title may appear strange to you as it talks about the best SEO client and not the best SEO Company. Our company, Sky For Web, has gone through e-commerce web designing and have provided SEO services Melbourne wide to our clients for a long time and we are familiar with what works and how to achieve that. But now we want you, our client, to make our lives (and outputs) a little better. It is a two-way relationship. It takes efforts of both ends to form a flourishing e-commerce SEO campaign. Here, we’ll discuss How to Get SEO Clients For Your Digital Marketing Agency to get excellent results to get excellent results at the same time, i.e., from trusting your SEO party in making alterations to being honest about profit margins.

Trust Us

Faith is everything. You must have trust in the company you’ve hired. Think of a situation when you hire an electrician. You have a problem with some electrical appliance. Client not have the professional knowledge to fix the problem plus you do not have the time to indulge yourself in it. It may be able to tackle the problem somehow, but in the marketing world, no such quick fixes or patches work. In the SEO campaign, you have to work with a strategic move. When you hire the electrician, you trust him that he’ll do the job right for which you hired him. It doesn’t mean that every electrician does a great job, but always looking over his back, inspecting every move he makes and also telling him what to do and what not to do will not help the situation.

Same is the case with SEO campaigns. We have gained experience in e-commerce SEO also  implemented strategies and tactics that have been successful in earlier projects. We have no problem to walk with your inspection through the process and serving you to understand every element of the proceedings, but to some extent, you need to trust us in our plans, our implementations and take our proposals!

SEO is a long Process

Now; we all know that it takes time to rank well in Google searches. If you launch a new website, you can’t rank on the first page within a week for a particular competitive keyword. You need some additional efforts for this. If you want to achieve instant rankings, you can think about launching a Pay-Per-Click Campaign (PPC). We understand that rankings will not shoot up overnight. So, we always discuss realistic prospects with our clients. Our goal is to make developments. It’s like compounding interest, or you can say compounding traffic. Just a 5% traffic gain in each month can boost your rankings. Although we confront these expectations many times, we’ve had clients who are not finding their site on the opening page of Google just a week after the launch of their site. Remember one thing that various keywords have millions of results, and if you want to be in the top 10 then, chances of your appearance are 000001% (or somewhere around there). So, getting results of an SEO campaign is not a flick of a switch that would happen quickly. It needs a lot of effort, time and money to get there.

Work with Us

If you’re already a client, you must have heard it before. You know your company better than we do. So, we always keep on learning more about your products/services and the way you work, but still, we will require your assistance from time to time. The most significant way with which you can help make your SEO campaign successful is by working with us and answering our queries. Content is a big shot. We’ll time and again request content from you explaining the information about your product/service or possibly how a product is manufactured. It’s a great help when you provide us with a truthful explanation of your offerings that we can then optimize.

Think what Google thinks

Being a client, you need to remember that Google is Google and it often does what it wants. SEO’s job is to attempt and make out what Google is thinking and then, make updates based on these observations. Due to this reason, reputed SEO companies do not give assurance on results. No one knows what Google is thinking, and no company can say “you’ll be on the first page for X keyword within three months.” It is not practically possible. Our goal is growth and, in the closing stages, getting more traffic to your site than you could have paid.

A new website

If you have launched a brand new website, you need to build credibility for your site before you rank higher. It’s not an impossible deed by any means, but to achieve this, you need patience. There may be websites that you are trying long to rank over have been there roughly for 10+ years. Against this, Google will never rank a new site that is just a month old compared to a well-developed and optimized site that has been there for around ten years. You need to trust us that even if it may seem that nothing is happening right away, but, you will have your success!

Contact Sky For Web For impeccable SEO services Melbourne wide and its surrounding areas. Your trust is our power that helps us in envisioning your growth.