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Date :December 13, 2018

Main Advantages of Using Google Adwords for Promoting Business

If you are searching back and forth about Google Adwords, trying to decide whether or not to use it for the marketing promotion of your business, then don’t worry anymore, as you have reached a right place. Nowadays, intense competition is present in the market regarding everything. Moreover, consumers are relying more on the internet for making their purchase decisions. So, these days online marketing has become a very crucial factor in promoting your businesses. From all the ways that are available for reaching the targeted audience, Google Adwords is one of the most essential and powerful marketing tool present by your side. In this blog, Sky For Web have tried our best to cover the top advantages of using Google Adwords for the marketing promotion of your business.

Five top-most benefits of using Google Adwords:

  1. Helps in keeping the track records of your ads:

If you run a successful ad campaign, but you don’t keep it’s detailed tracking records with you, then it’s like driving a car blindfolded. If you don’t hold the track records of your ad campaigns with you, then you will not have any way of knowing what’s working for you and what’s not. Moreover, you cannot make any further improvements in your ad campaigns because you will not have any previous track records.  But if you will use Google Adwords, then you will have a variety of free tools and metrics by which you can get per-minute and per-day track record of your ad campaign (if you will use it every time).

By using Google Adwords, it becomes effortless to keep every track record of your advertisement. Google Adwords helps you in reviewing every aspect of the advertisements starting from knowing who clicked on the ad and what they searched for to how long the customer stay on your home page and how much it cost to the client to get there. When you have such a large amount of information in your hands, you can quickly analyse the latest up-going trends thus ensuring that you take much better decisions for the optimisation of your ads for ROI and CTR. From the dashboard of the Google Adwords, you can even select which metrics you prefer to see.


  1. It offers a large group of the targeted audience:

Though the success of your ad campaign depends upon the various factors but the most crucial element is where you put your advertisement. Google handles approximately 3 billion searches per day. Therefore, Google commands the search engine market by having more than 90% of share in it. As Google has such a large volume of people using it, there are good chances of finding your targeted customers on Google, no matter whom you choose to be your targeted customer. We don’t say that you will be able to access all the people using Google, but it generally ensures that you will have access to a large audience. By using Google AdWords, you can take the lead from your competitors as you can approach a large group of viewers.

The particular benefit of using Google Adwords is that it gives a level of control to its advertisers thus enabling them to choose their target audience. The advertisers can use the flexibility provided by the platform and can create campaigns for specific keywords. When the people do relevant searches regarding your specific keywords, then it helps the advertisers to target any portion of the people using Google. When you post your ad on Google AdWords, then you should remain confident that your ad will reach thousands (or more) of potential customers as a large no. of people uses Google per day.

  1. The Pinnacle of Marketing Flexibility

The truth is that there is not any one factor on which online marketing depends. If you want to get the best results from your advertisement, then you should have control over all the elements that are responsible for making your ad campaign successful. No-one does it better than that of Google Adwords, as it gives full control to its users over all aspects of the ad campaign. By using Google Adwords platform, you can easily control the factors, such as, the type of searches you don’t want to show up to the customers, the types of devices on which you want to show up your ad, and formatting (it depends on whether you use the display or search network), and many more. It makes you sure that you have reached your targeted audience.

If you want to do much better, they prefer to take one step further. Always select the devices on which you want to show up your ads. The most popular location to show up your ads is the search engine results. However, apart from search engine results, you can display your ads in the in-boxes of G-mail accounts of customer or on the websites containing the related content. When you consider all the details while showing up your ads, then you get full control over the way you show your ads to the users of the search engine. By using Google Adwords, you can control when to show up your ad; thus it helps you to reach your target audience by keeping your budget under control.

  1. Assists in managing the budget that you spend on advertisement:

Whenever a person invests in online marketing strategies, then the main priority of every person is to get the best results even from small investments until or unless you have a big budget. When you use Google Adwords for the marketing of your business, then you get many benefits of using it for promoting your business. You not only get full control over nearly all the customizable aspects of your ad campaigns, but you can also control the budget, that you have to spend on the advertisement. Whether you have a small budget or big budget, by using Google Adwords, you can keep track of your expenditure even of a penny. So, if you will use Google Adwords, then you will have a benefit of never going over your budget.

When you’re short on a budget, and you want your single penny to get wisely used then always prefer to use Google Adwords. It can help you in controlling everything such as how much you spend, starting from per click to the days and up-to-the times your ad campaign should be running. However, if you don’t have any problem regarding the budget, then you can allow Google to handle all the matters related to it (but always prefer to keep your eye on it), and meanwhile, you can put your focus on the other aspects of your business.

  1. Google Adwords is faster than SEO:

In online marketing, SEO has its special place. SEO is a long-term online marketing strategy. It takes time in producing a steady stream of traffic. Usually, it takes months or years in writing and publishing the authoritative matter, which is an essential part of online marketing. But if you use Google Adwords, then all you have to do is to set up an advertisement campaign. By using Google Adwords, you get the results early, in a short span of one day. It is best for the brands who want to enhance their brand awareness among people or promote a sales event for a limited time.

The main reason why Adwords give faster results than SEO is that by using Google Adwords, you can target multiple keywords at a time. Moreover, you start ranking for the various keywords, without even writing and publishing a different kind of content and producing back-links. Depending upon your budget, you can get quick visibility and can begin to appear at the top of the list of the search engine results. From there, the only thing that can affect the quality and number of leads you get is the “marketing campaign” itself.