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Date :March 28, 2018

Most Important Google Ranking Factors 2018

There are many factors that play a crucial role in determining the rank of your site in Google search results. If you work upon these following Important Google Ranking Factors, you can make high levels sure for your site.


Your content is the soul of your website. It puts the first impression on your visitors. Earlier, quick 400-500 word articles could receive top rank in search engine results, but in 2018, only more robust content will heighten your rank. So, aim for 700-1000 words lengthy blog posts.


Exactly matching domain searches appear first in a Google search. Due to this, it’s so important to select a domain that’s simple as well as describes your business very well. An older domain will get you a higher rank. There’s nothing you can for this. But one thing is clear that if you stick with a single domain for the whole life of your business, it will undoubtedly help your search ranks.

Mobile Optimization

It is again fundamental to your Google Rankings. Google gives high value to mobile-friendly sites. Google recognizes that the majority of people is accessing the web with their cell phones or smart devices. So, your site may be exceptional on a desktop, but if it doesn’t view proper format on mobile devices, it means you’ve got an issue. The experts of SEO company Melbourne, Sky For Web, can provide you with all professional solutions for mobile optimization.

Loading Speed

How fast your page loads is a decisive factor in your Google rank. In fact, it is directly linked to your user experience. If your page loads slowly, the user won’t stay on your site. Kissmetrics found that around 47% of users look forward to a site to load in two seconds or less time. Another 40% of them will discard that site if it takes more time than that. Due to this reason, Google is placing much credence on loading speeds of the sites.


HTTPS encryption is highly recommended if you are looking forward to getting high ranks in Google searches. If Google senses that your website is not safe and sound, it won’t be sending you site visitors rapidly.

Links to Other Sites

If you link your site to other high-authority domains, it will increase your chances of showing up higher in a regular keyword search. Dozens of low-quality links will damage your efforts because your content will emerge more like spam. Your site may get maximum benefit from including links to the credible sites.

Google is catching on to entrepreneurs optimizing their websites based on their criteria. So, when you implement these tips, ensure that you’re doing it in a meaningful way. It should help the user and not just aim at gathering more page visits. Google Ranking Factors vary by industry and particular functions within those industries. For your particular business, you need to find more information.

For example, websites that make recipes available do well to show their content with structured data. Just remember that if you get found easily in Google searches, the number of your potential customers will increase. If you want to optimize your website, you can hire SEO services from our company, Sky For Web, a well-known SEO agency Melbourne. Call us now!