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Date :June 30, 2019

Why Google suggests enclosing a responsive design for your website?

At present, the no. of smart-phone users is rising at a fast pace; thus, responsive web design has become the demand of the hour. Having a layout that responds well to all the devices with different screen sizes and resolutions is a thing of a great boon.

 We have listed below the outstanding qualities of the responsive web design:

Quick Navigation: These website design can easily contract or extend according to the screen sizes, thus facilitating easy navigation to the users. To further simplify the navigation for viewers, responsive websites contain a variety of links, menu buttons, and flexible texts.

Diminish the loading time: A responsive website has a mess-free design and browser compatibility, which makes the web pages to load speedily and effortlessly on all the screens.

Flexible Websites: Nowadays, websites are receiving a lot of traffic through handheld and portable devices like tablets, mini laptops and smart-phones. Therefore, a website design must be flexible enough to fit in all sizes of screens present in the market. Responsive website design is a perfect solution to this requirement.


Google’s criteria that a responsive web design must accomplish to rank higher in search pages:

Google regularly updates its algorithms to provide internet users with an excellent experience. Search engines usually plan these updates according to the needs and requirements of the users. Viewers generally consider using those websites which contain accurate information and a perfect layout that quickly loads on all screen sizes. Furthermore, users mainly search for products and services in their nearby locations; thus making it is essential to target the local or geographical keywords along with meta-description in your responsive web design.

Google’s algorithms mainly emphasize on the quality of the content, website design and solid link building. Google and other search engines look upon those responsive website designs which meet the below-mentioned criterion to provide better exposure to the users. These key-indicators verify the quality of the websites which further amplify or lessen the chances of these sites to attain a top position on the search pages:


  1. A responsive web design must have a fresh and distinctive approach for the users and search engine crawlers as both of these like new, exclusive and striking designs.
  2. The website ought to have a low bounce rate.
  3. Responsive website design should make social sharing more comfortable and trouble-free.
  4. The users must spend ample time on the web pages of these sites.
  5. The website needs to have optimization according to the local searches.


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