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Date :August 3, 2019

How much will you have to spend on Google Ads?

The people who are new to paid search are keen to know how much they will have to spend to advertise their products or services on Google and whether they can pay for it or not. Several factors can affect the cost of Google Ads. Here, we are going to present the various elements which can impact the price that you usually spend on your Google Ads:

  • The system of Google Ads works on an auction system which offers incentives to those businesses that place premium ad campaigns with lesser expenses.
  • While utilizing Google Ads to endorse your products, you can employ tactics like ad scheduling, device targeting, and geotargeting to exercise tight control over how your budget will get spend.
  • In Google Ads, the average cost per click on the search network is in between $1 to $2 and on the display network is under $1. If you’re endorsing your products in display, then consider using free Smart Ads Creator tool to generate perfect display ads in minutes.
  • The priciest keywords which usually belong to the industries that have high customer lifetime values, like insurance and law, cost about $50 or more per click.
  • Google Ads provide giant retailers with the opportunity of spending up to $50 million per year on paid search.
  • The medium to small businesses which employ Google Ads to endorse their products usually squanders in between $9,000 to $10,000 per month and $100,000 to $120,000 per year on their paid search campaigns.

How much most of the businesses usually spend on PPC?

The companies related to the financial and insurance sectors pay out the most for the paid search campaigns, and the amount spend by them is about $1.2 billion. Retailers rank second in the list. Individual companies belonging to these industries often spend $40 to $50 million every year on PPC campaigns. For example, Amazon squanders over $50 million per year, and it is clear from the data that these businesses are getting an excellent ROI on the amount that they are spending.

There are a handful of major brands which dominate the individual category, but these businesses don’t bear any resemblance to those small businesses that are in view of getting started in Google Ads. If you want to begin your PPC campaign, then you don’t need to spend millions on Google Ads.

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