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Date :August 2, 2019

How to handle negative feedback from customers

In this article we discussed, How to handle negative feedback from customers.

  1. Converse politely with your clients:

Most of the people leave negative feedback to put across their views about their experiences and not to defame anyone. If now or then you come across such comments, look on their benefits. These types of reviews may uncover such areas of your business that can profit you later on.

Make your clients think of you as a genuine person by reacting to their comments in a friendly way.  Try to represent yourself as valid as possible in your answers. While handling such situations, never employ promoting talk and language. But, keep your communication indisputable, informal and fair, so you’re your customers value it.

  1. Display the clients that you care about them:

If every review on your site is positive, the chances are high that your would-be customers will start thinking of you as fake. Viewers may feel that the reviews are false and not left by the real customers. Therefore negative reviews can help you to gain the trust of your customers rather than dropping it.

By dealing with these adverse remarks in a positive way, you can make your business look great. You can show to your consumers that you care about them.

  1. Stay well-mannered:

A negative remark especially conveying some firm conclusion may arouse anger, thus, prompting you to respond loudly than expected. But you should calm yourself down and react by saying “Thank you for your precious review. I would like to have a chat with you about your occurrence. Kindly contact me at your convenience.”

Though it’s critical to adopt a responsible attitude in such a situation, even then keep your reaction polite. Consider solving the current issue, i.e. the client’s dissatisfaction. If, after chatting with the consumer, you find that his remarks now get changed, take steps to solve the situation.

  1. Appeal your clients to erase the offensive comments:

After providing the customer with a practical solution, allow a brief phase to pass. When that time gets passed, again reach out to the client to inquire whether your answer has worked out well or not. Additionally, ensure to request them to either eradicate or alter their review.

Most probably, after seeing your genuineness, the clients change their review from a bad one to a positive statement. This way, you obtain a positive review, and the evidence of your service stays for all to see.

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