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Date :July 15, 2019

How To Increase Blog Traffic in 2019

One of the most complicated tasks for all the bloggers is to How to Increase Blog Traffic in 2019. The majority of blog writer complaints that instead of trying so hard, they are not able to make more than 100 page views daily. I too agree with the fact that those early days are rigorous testing the patience of the writer. In the starting, you need to put extra efforts as well as hard work even without the assurance of achieving results.

If at present, you are facing the same situation, then you can implement the below mentioned simple strategy to boost your blog traffic and to cross the target of 1,000 daily page views. You can follow this approach even if you have already reached that number but have achieved that traffic plateau very late and after making many efforts.

If you are going to employ this plan, then ensure to execute all the four steps as planned. For proper execution, you need to spend a minimum of two and a half hours every day. But, if you have more time available, then you can extend the time that you are giving to each of the four steps proportionally.

Write Killer Articles (Give a minimum of 1 hour/day to this phase)

You must spend at least one hour to research and write killer articles thoroughly. We also call this type of blogs as link baits and pillar articles. Your aim should be to release one killer article per week. If it is not possible for you to achieve that goal, then you must try to create one such blog in every 15 days. So the one hour that you are going to spend every day will be devoted to the same piece. In other words, what I want to convey you is, it is essential to give 5 to 10 hours of your work per week to write the killers articles.

Before writing a killer article, you must become familiar with this term, which means a long and structured material delivering a huge amount of knowledge to your potential visitors. For example: if you are managing a web design blog, then you can choose the topic “100 Free Resources for Designers” for writing your killer article. I’m also going to mention below some ideas for scripting the killer blogs:

  1. First of all, build a vast listing of resources
  2. Prefer to write a detailed tutorial teaching the users how to do something
  3. Search for the solution to the common problem which the people are facing in your niche and then choose to write about it
  4. Consider writing an in-depth analysis on the topic regarding which the people have only talked superficially

Your killer article must be such that when visitors come across your blog, then they give the reaction like “This is amazing, and I must bookmark it to mention about this topic on my site as well as on my Twitter account to allow my readers know about it”.

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Networking (Spend 30 minutes per day on this phase)

Networking is a necessary step to follow, especially when you have just started your blog. You must dedicate 30 minutes per day to this step to effectively work it for you.

  1. Consider commenting on the other blogs of your niche
  2. Choose to interact with the bloggers of your niche either via email, IM or Twitter
  3. Prefer to link to the posts of other bloggers belonging to your niche

Your aim must be to build genuine relationships with the other blog writers of your niche. Don’t get linked to the people with the motive that they will help you in promoting your blog or tell you How To Increase Blog Traffic in 2019. Always approach the people of your community because you like and respect their work, and you think both of you can grow better together.

Use Promotion (Spend 30 minutes per day on this phase)

If you want to get maximum no. of views on your blogs, then it is essential to promote your killer articles. Whenever you issue either one of your pieces, you must try to push it by pursuing any of the ways you can. Examples include:

  1. Inform the people in your network about your article but never beg them for giving you the link
  2. Let the other bloggers, as well as the webmasters of your niche, know about it
  3. Get the help of people to submit the article on the top-listed social bookmarking sites
  4. Promote the blog on Twitter
  5. Post about the material in online forums as well as in newsgroups

If you still have some time left with you, then consider spending it doing search engine optimization and social media marketing. You can also perform other activities like guest blogging, keyword researching and promoting your article on Facebook to advertise your blog as a whole.

Publish Normal Posts (Spend 30 minutes per day on this phase)

You can’t keep your blog live only by killer articles you will also have to publish normal posts. By normal articles, I mean those blogs that you issue on a routine basis on your site along with that of the killer articles. For example, if you publish your killer article every Monday, then you can issue the normal posts on the rest of the days. Here are some tips for the normal posts:

  1. A post updating your readers about some new news in your niche
  2. A post linking to an article available on another blog but include your views about it
  3. A post asking a question to your viewers and aiming to start a discussion
  4. A post showing a new resource or trick that you discovered but would also be useful to your readers

In the end, I want to conclude that killer articles are essential for the promotion of your blog and can help you in bringing new readers aboard whereas regular posts will create diversity in your content to keep your readers engaged.

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