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Date :December 4, 2018

Ideas for Marketing Promotion of Small Businesses

Due to strong competition available in the market, Marketing Ideas for small business to follow. It’s great challenge to make businesses stand out. Even for small companies, this holds true because they have to face seamless corporations and large chains. Small companies get hard-pressed in making efforts to stay relevant while facing the large corporations.  That’s why for the success of any small business, marketing becomes very important. Good marketing helps to put your business on the map, thus bringing you more customers and greater savings.

Marketing promotion Ideas for Accountants:

The subject of accounting rarely arises enthusiasm and zeal among people. But if you humanise yourself more than that of just a number cruncher, then it is possible to beat your competitors and to stand out in the crowd.

  • Start a blog on your website that provides useful and free content to your readers. The best possible way to achieve this is writing blog posts addressing commonly asked questions by people. While you may not be a writer but an accountant, your audience sails in the opposite boat, i.e. they only read your posts and have nothing to do with accounts. If someone asks you a question that you’ve already answered before, then give them a link to your blog post.
  • Consider starting a video series featuring you speaking about common subjects, or answering common questions asked by the people. Show people the face behind these numbers that people find so scary. Make sure to post videos on a regular basis to remain in touch with your clients.

.Use email marketing for promoting your work. Email marketing is an excellent choice of promoting your business among the younger as well as older audiences. Make an email newsletter including helpful accounting tips, financial reminders, and other news that is important for your customers. If you do this in the right way, then your clients will visit to see this and read it regularly without any absent.

Marketing Ideas for the Law-firms:

By marketing your law firm online and by adopting these law firm marketing ideas, you can get more exposure and more customers.

  • You should research for the local law associations, legal organisations and the Chamber of Commerce. When you find a law association that meet your requirements then join that professional association. It’s always better to give up the assorted membership fees of the organisation because by this your name and firm name will get featured in many online listings. By this, people will quickly find you online.
  • Use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for marketing your law firm. Start writing blogs or sharing legal tips on social media. Make sure to share legal advice online. In the beginning, people may dislike lawyers so offer free legal advice (so far as possible), write informational guides, answer common questions, and so on to show them your kind and generous side.
  • “Google My Business” is also an excellent way to show up on the first page of Google. SO, set up a Google My Business account and, by getting reviews and comments from the existing customers, you can build credibility and gain new clients.

Marketing Ideas for Realtors:

Realtors have to face very high competition in their field. It’s crucial for them to have a healthy pool of clients as their livelihood depends on how many properties they close on. To succeed in their field and keep bringing in new clients they need continuous and effective marketing promotion ideas. For sure, they don’t want to get dependent on just a few projects as it can take months for something to get completed. We have got here some killer marketing ideas for realtors that can help them a lot:

  • Opt for running a Facebook Ad. Use different types of ads based on the location, income and interest of your potential buyers and sellers to target them.
  • Start writing blogs to share useful information with your clients online. Writing blogs is an excellent idea for realtors, to provide tips and advice for first-time homebuyers. Make efforts to turn your brand into a valuable centre of information to which your clients can refer whenever needed.
  • Start featuring interesting local stories and local businesses on your blogs. Then get connected to these businesses and ask them if they’ll return your favour by highlighting you in their blogs. By adopting this way, you create a high quality of back-links and make your website more community-oriented.

Marketing ideas for promoting a Day Spa:

It’s tough and tricky to pull people away from their busy lives and to make them invest their money and time into your spa business. So, try these day spa marketing ideas for promoting your business and for gaining new clients and keeping old ones coming back to you again and again.

  • Everyone likes to get pampered. So, start client retention programs and reward your customers thus giving them the reason to come back to you. Give special discounts to your regular customers with a customer loyalty and retention program. For example, create frequent-visit cards with prizes or offer a free service to the clients who have taken X number of services from your spa. Offer small-versions of new services started in your spa to the regular customers to get feedback from them.
  • Consider making your Facebook or Instagram pages in such a way that when your clients visit them, it creates soothing vibes among them and incorporate the feelings of serenity and tranquillity in them. Post the photos of beautiful people using your services, or calming photos relieving the stress of your clients or similar visuals to attract new as well as older clients to your day-spa.

Moreover, use soothing and calming language with your clients. Use emotions for making your brand identity.

  • Usually, Spas work together with many other self-care and beauty products and services. Make these local businesses your partners and cross-promote your business through them. Place posters of services provided by your spa in the related business establishments like hair salons, nail salons, etc. to promote your spa. Pair up with another business to organise an event to gain popularity among the people.

 Marketing Ideas for salons:

It’s a challenge for the salons to stand out among their competitors as usually a given place already has a large no. of salons in it. But if you use the marketing ideas mentioned here for the promotion of your salon, then for sure you will succeed in this evergreen industry.

  • Hair salons usually get a lot of business due to the references from their clients. So, give referral rewards to your customers. Give a free haircut, colour, or any other service of your salon to the client who refers a new client to you.
  • Start hosting events at a place of your business. Consider hosting fun activities at your salon, by pairing up with other local companies. Prefer to give small parties to celebrate your regular and valuable customers. Opt for Putting on an art show, or conducting a wine tasting. The events including free wine and appetisers are sure to attract customers.
  • Salons become highly crowded on weekends and evenings but may suffer from a lack of customers at other times. So, Offer off-peak specials. Give your clients special discounts, free products and services, to encourage them to come to the salon on slow days.

Marketing Ideas to promote yoga therapy centres:

In recent years, Yoga has become highly popular, and yoga studios seem to pop-up everywhere. To rank first among your competitors, you have to adopt the best ways to promote your salon. There are many yoga marketing ideas that you can implement successfully to help your salon in reaching to the top.

  • Start giving the first yoga class for free. The free first class will inevitably attract those people who want to join your centre but are afraid to give you a try. Run a “new member” special. Provide offers to the new clients who sign up for membership, such as a special discount for the first few months of joining, free yoga sessions, or so on.
  • Try to make your yoga classes more popular by offering your customers that, which no one is giving. Yoga is trendy but a commonplace too. So, become more creative with your classes to attract more clients. Go for early morning dance yoga classes. Also, try to host yoga classes at unusual locations, such as nightclubs, public-parks, museums, warehouses and other exciting places in your area.
  • Many people who do yoga, also believes in healthy living. You can take advantage of this, and by pairing with local business of a similar kind, you can run promotions. Check out cafes, food co-ops, gyms, fitness stores, and so on for advertising with these local businesses.
  • There are many ways of doing in-store promotions that you can use for achieving great effects at little cost. From the traditional business-cards, product giveaways to fishbowl contests, you can choose any way to promote your yoga centre.

Ideas for marketing Interior Designing business:

Though everyone would like to become an interior designer, only a few people can justify this business. You can rank first in the competition by using these clever ideas to promote your interior designing business.

  • Start offering free consultations to the people. Before giving up the payment, people usually want to know what you can do for them. Give a free 30 minute to one-hour consultation to your clients. While giving the consultation try to explain to your customer how much you can improve their home or business or what you can do for them.
  • Post your work and feature photos on Instagram as well as on your Facebook page. Use appropriate hash-tags to highlight them. Consider creating an online portfolio and showcase your work as far as possible. Create anaesthetics that visually appeal to the clients when they visit you online.
  • Those people who want to re-design their homes always do online searches to find the latest tips and tricks regarding the same. Motivate those people via Pinterest. Consider posting inspirational photos, design tips and products on Pinterest. If done well, you’ll surely start gaining clients.

Marketing Ideas for Financial Advisor:

Usually, finance is thought to be a dry subject, but if you present it in the right way then financial planning can be very interesting:-

  • Post blogs about financial advice on your website and use them for the promotion of your business. Write “how-to” articles and other content helping layman people in solving their complicated financial matters. Posting blogs will surely win you great popularity and reputation as an easy-to-understand and relatable advisor.
  • Sharing tips and tricks on social media such as Facebook and Twitter are great ways to disseminate your website content. Always keep the tips short and exciting, also include a photo with them to make your posts look visually attractive.

. Write blogs for other websites and online publications. As a financial advisor, you should always be known as an expert on all the matters related to finance. By writing for other websites and publications, and via guest blogging you get exposure as well as a chance to boost your credentials.

Marketing Ideas for promoting Gym and Personal Training centres:

Today everybody wants to get in shape. So, fitness professionals have a high demand, but marketing promotion ideas are essential to help you stand out among your competitors. Similarly, gym promotion ideas also play a crucial role in bringing new clients to your gym. Here in this blog, we have provided you with some easy techniques for the same:

  • Record videos or write articles about the different exercises and benefits of doing them. In video tutorials show your clients, how-to-perform, specific exercises with precision, use certain machines, or start on the various tasks like dieting, meal planning, protein intake, etc.
  • Run contests on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook for people, to win free training sessions by you and your fitness professionals or a free membership of your gym. Such type of contests will create excitement among the people thus helping you in getting exposure and bringing new customers.
  • Today, everyone looks for fitness inspiration and tips on social media, to keep them motivated and to work out. Fitness has become the most searched topic on social media today, particularly on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. So, post photos of yourself doing exercises, the food you eat, your gym’s facilities and so on, on these platforms. Use appropriate hash-tags to get more attention of people and increased no. of clients.