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Date :May 25, 2017


Latest SEO Trends: 4 2017 updates can alter the fate of your website

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation has baffled the minds of every e-commerce owner since the dawn of Google. It categorises a set of rules following which a website or blog owner can optimise his site to escalate its visibility as well as rankings in Google’s search engines. Each year, search engine optimisation receives a horde of updates. These latest SEO trends are not only vital to follow but also can change the direction of your website in a significant way. A look at these trends will be worthwhile.

Latest SEO Trends 2017 –

With constant updates from Google’s end, business owners are always on their toes. The following embellishes a number of trends that are looming SEO markets under the current scenario.

Google’s Owl algorithm:

Perhaps one of the most significant factors of SEO Updates 2017 is Google’s Owl algorithm. It specialises in blocking fake or irrelevant news and offensive content. Known as a three-pronged attack on fake news, it will now scrap out redundant information as well as fillers.
Make your website rich in terms of information. Our content writing experts take precise note to carb out every bit of irrelevant information from your site to make it free from the impact of Google’s Owl.

Optimise for user intentions:

While keywords still hold their significance regarding page optimisation, Google’s SEO updates 2017 now allow users to type in full phrases as searches. As a result, you, as an e-commerce owner, will have to make use of key phrases to increase chances of your site’s optimisation. It involves 3 steps:

Research your users’ search queries – what brings them to your site, what questions they ask.
Post successful research, optimise your site with the required changes and inclusion of search phrases. This will draw more potential viewers thus giving your web page a surge in Google rankings.
Keep a continued research of the analytics to help you incorporate any changes that come with time.

Market through cross channels:

Often your users may surf through your app on their smartphones but decide against buying anything. In such cases, opt for cross-channel marketing by which you can follow up your target customers by providing them similar ads through social media or email.
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Mobile sites:

SEO updates 2017 lay special emphasis on mobile sites. Latest Pigeon and Panda updates state that from this year, all algorithms will check web pages’ mobile sites first followed by their desktop counterparts. With increasing use of smartphones, such an update was only a matter of time.

Design your mobile site matching all SEO standards to their perfection. We provide proficient assistance in this respect by optimizing your site in the best possible way.
Hence, it can be said that, in order to boost SEO, follow the above steps to get the immaculate results. Or you can even contact experts like us, who provide specialized services following the latest SEO trends in giving your website that much needed SEO boost.