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Date :July 22, 2019

Latest small business marketing trends for 2019

Here are your Latest small business marketing trends for 2019 – everything you need to know to succeed in Business.

  1. Google My Business listing:

Small business owners should build a fully optimized Google My Business listing for their businesses. By utilizing your business profile, Google can show a snapshot of your venture in its search results, which in turn will provide your users with complete information about your products and services. The viewers can take their decision of getting engaged with your site even before visiting your website.

Any business which is looking forward to get found online and to draw more no. of customers in 2019 should possess a Google My Business listing. In your profile, you can add your website URL, your contact information, a brief but complete description of your business, images, customer reviews, and every piece of information that you want to display to your customers.

  1. Video Marketing:

Business owners have recognized the importance of video marketing, but they find it challenging to get into it because it seems to be out of their comfort zone. If you want to promote your business via videos, then you don’t need to be perfect for your video efforts. The important thing is to begin your journey and keep it going to reach your destination finally.

Just like voice search, video marketing is also growing at breakneck speed, so, you need to get prepared for them.

  1. Voice Search:

Google aspires to make the voice search as the primary source of providing information to its users. Though voice search has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years, Google is still far away from its target. Experts expect that by 2020, about 50% of the searches on the smart-phones will be via voice search. So, if you want to make your venture visible to your customers, then it becomes essential on your part to optimize your small business marketing trends or business listings as well as the website for voice search.

  1. Live chat and automation:

Every client wants the immediate fulfillment of its needs. Though it is not possible to satisfy this wish of the customer every time, the consumers always expect minimum delay from the owner’s side, principally when it comes to communicating with them.

By employing the features of live chat and automation, the business owners can fulfill this expectation of their customers.  These elements help to curtail the waiting time as well as diminishes the hurdles coming in the communication.

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