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Date :July 14, 2017

Impact of Social Media on Web Design

In modern times, Social media has completely altered the way customers can relate to content. It has further led to a change in how “a well-crafted web design” is defined and consequently how websites are now being designed.Therefore, after social media, customers want a somewhat similar, spontaneous, and interactive experience on the internet sites they visit.

Following are the three most significant changes in web design brought about through social media.

  1. Social Share Icons

Earlier, brand visibility and link creation were the fields of online directories and forums. They used to create paid strategies and direct blogging among others to attract viewers.

Now, social media has become the most important platform for increasing brand awareness, producing qualified traffic and holding the customer.

Accordingly, social share icons have taken a significant role in website design. The design of the social share icons and their proper placement affect engagement and quantity of good traffic to your social media pages.

  1. Need of More Visual Content

Earlier, visual content like unique images and videos hardly ever seen as a necessary thing for engaging visitors. Social media engagement has changed the basis of formation of any content. With the arrival of social media, exclusive and high-quality images and videos have become fundamental to the success of any content. Thus, the website needs to:

  1. Readily open on the user’s device of choice,
  2. Be responsive, so that it fits the screen size without affecting the user experience and,
  3. Backend programming and installation of plugins that will upload the matter when it required.

Accordingly, websites should created to be light on the user-side for richer user experience and heavy on the server-side,  for allowing faster loading times.

  1. Interactive Design for Social Media Pages

Earlier, website design limited the scope of a consumer’s access to content and their interaction with other people. Social media revolutionised the way of accessing, sharing, of the content and interaction with one another.

It has affected how consumers recognise and judge a business. People look forward to the similar type of matter, interactivity, as well as experience when they visit other websites. Therefore, you must create a quality design for social media pages.

Create your social profile that seizes the attention of your target audience, engages them with your content. It keeps users connected to your information and makes it simpler for them to find additional knowledge about your business and follow it. To get a socially interactive website design in Melbourne, visit Sky For Web. We will create a responsive site to bring qualified traffic to your business.