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Date :August 5, 2019

Best tactics to target your B2B audience online

Reaching your target your B2B audience online is one of the biggest challenges in digital marketing. If nearly everyone on this earth uses the product that you are selling, such as socks or toilet paper, then you know that your potential customers are present everywhere.

In this article, we have enlisted the Best tactics to target your B2B audience online:

  1. Target those users who are already looking for you:

Everyone always ensures to target those keywords that better explain their products and services, but at the same time, you must try to cover all your audiences who might be searching for you.

While proceeding on the journey of attracting the buyers, a business goes through all sorts of phases and in the whole expedition, you should consider employing all the keywords and not only the solution-focused ones.

E.g. if your internet service is not good, then you can use the following few types of keywords:

  1. Informational: “how to perk up the internet speed”, “how to relocate the internet services.”
  2. Problem Based: “internet keeps going away”, “very sluggish internet.”
  3. Features: “60mbs download internet speed” or “high-speed internet.”
  4. Solution Focused: “new internet provider.”
  5. Comparative: “which internet provider is the most excellent”, “internet provider agencies.”
  6. Benefits: “trustworthy internet provider.”

Now, think of how you can convert these phrases into something more meaningful in terms of your business and your customers.

About 15% of the total queries are entirely new on Google every day. These data shows that we need to think out of the box about our keywords and should review the search query reports regularly.

  1. Go to LinkedIn:

Once you’ve discovered the keywords that you are going to use for attracting the people who are actively searching for your services, then start framing a viewpoint. When it comes to B2B targeting on the web, LinkedIn is the best option to consider.

  1. Consider utilizing the audience insights tools:

You can employ these tools to precisely evaluate the remarketing audiences that you build of the LinkedIn users who visited your website. You can translate that audience into your new targeting options.

You can do the same with the customer uploads. Firstly, crack the list of your customers; then review the categories into which they fall to find new prospects, and finally start targeting them the way you are already doing.

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