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Date :March 17, 2018

Tips To Optimize Your Website For Mobile Search

As a user, when we all started accessing the Internet, the only way at that time was to access the internet from a desktop computer. Earlier, getting online meant starting up a big machine which would take much time. For many people — it involved listening to the bad noises. But, the Internet was an exclusive technological marvel. So it is necessary to optimize your website for mobile search.

Recognizable changes

Today, dial-up is obsolete, and broadband is the norm. The web is no longer confined to a select few instead it is accessible in a massive amount of public places. “Googling” has become part and parcel of people’s lives.

Something else that surprises us is that the mobile Internet usage has overpowered desktop Internet usage.

Some significant changes have altered the way people use the Internet. That is why you need to respond given that.

Strengthen Your Approachability

Since mobile browsers are a significant source of e-traffic for the sites, you’d better get a mobile-friendly site!

User preferences matter a lot. While some users prefer to use a laptop or desktop for web browsing, on the other hand, some people tend to exploit their phone’s cyber capabilities. It can be about making a dinner or club reservation, checking sports scores, or getting statistics to help win a debate, our phones help us out in every way every time. After seeing so much significance of mobiles, having your site perform well on mobile devices becomes more critical than ever.

One must note that just showing up your site on the phone isn’t enough; people expect much from the sites. They should be easy to navigate! 72% of Google users consider mobile-optimized sites more critical.

Respond to Mobilegeddon

Mobile web browsing is continuously increasing year over year. As a result, more and more people demand mobile-friendly sites, so that they could approach the net as fast as possible. Earlier it was easy to get away with a mobile-unfriendly website. But, in the present scenario, it is a must. In April of this year, Google changed its search algorithm in a way that the mobile-friendly sites are nowadays ranked higher in mobile queries results. This change has been dubbed as “Mobilegeddon.” Sky For web, SEO Company Melbourne provides mobile optimization for the business sites to correspond to the latest Google Search algorithms.

How does this matter to you?

Change in Google’s algorithm has far-reaching effects. If your site is not mobile-friendly, the majority of users won’t find your place when searching on mobile, because mobile-friendly sites will outrank you. On the contrary, if your site is well optimized for mobile versions, you’ll have the edge over your competitors.

Significant Appearance

For users, mobile sites are friendlier and significant than standard web pages since they show fewer but relevant components. Lesser components take less loading time and easier navigation. It is very substantial for the excellent user experience.  If a site takes more than 3 seconds to load, most of the users discard that site. You can lose a customer in just 3 seconds!

Though having fewer components is not useful from a backend viewpoint, but, it makes navigation much more manageable for visitors— 57% of users will leave a website if it’s not easy to navigate on their phone. Mobile-friendly sites have buttons for easy navigation and clickability, no messy pinch-and-zoom, and easily digestible text.

Optimize your Website for Mobile Search

It is high time that you think about getting a mobile-friendly site for your business as it will open up the traffic of the customers for your website that can search you through their mobile phones. Invest in a mobile-friendly site! Sky For Web, SEO Agency Melbourne can optimize your website for mobile search. Thus, you can get the most out of your business.