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Date :May 25, 2017


Undeniable Reasons for You to Opt for Responsive Web Design

With the varying number of multimedia and smart devices popping up every day, web designers have a tough time to formulate their websites with each new device and each new screen size. You, as an owner of an e-commerce company, must be having a similar thought process. The present generation surfs, shops and searches for anything and everything via their smartphones and tablets. So, to cope up with these dimensions, one needs to opt for responsive web design.

Who can use it?

With the latest updates from Google’s Penguin and Panda, having possession of a mobile site has become of utmost importance. So, whether you are an e-commerce owner, a generic website holder or a blog poster, it is crucial to hire responsive web designers to increase your site’s compatibility.
Google’s latest mobile-friendly update of 2017 claims that it will rank a URL based on the efficiency of its mobile site – compatibility with all screen sizes, on every OS and under varying screen resolutions. We specialise in this exact task; our team assures you that websites designed by us tether to every gizmo out there.

Benedictions of responsive web design –

Well, now as you have known the terms and conditions laid down by Google, you might be giving a thought of designing your website in a responsive way. So, to eliminate any doubts and cement your considerations, the following section presents some crucial benefits of responsive web design.

Search Engine Optimisation:

This is the sole and basic aim of any website owner. Wise and structured SEO can see your site reach the zenith of Google rankings. And site traffic plays a vital role in the process. With responsive web pages, your site will receive more visitors from multiple platforms. As a result, Google will mark your site as important providing a surge in SEO rankings.
To achieve this structure, it is important to hire responsive web designers like us. We take to the job with professional skills and guarantee that the final product adheres to every SEO factor; its design, page-speed and utilisation of resources.

One website - Easier maintenance:

Maintaining one site is always better than two. Make use of responsive web design to structure a single website for your company and make it compatible with multiple platforms. Hire our professionals, who will easily maintain a single responsive website for you; all necessary updates will automatically take effect in its kindle, mobile as well as tablet versions.

Escalate your ROI:

With a single website, maintenance costs come down as well. So, that extra which you had to pay to your content writing company or your web design team to maintain and update your mobile site separately gets eliminated. So, with lesser investments, you can reap the maximum returns. Our team specializes in minimalistic utilization of resources; it ensures that your expenditures are minimum, while profits are highest.
As a sum up, one can say that the decision to opt for responsive web design is not only necessary but important as well. Hiring professionals like us is essential to ensure that your responsive website is structured in the most SEO friendly way. It will help your website garner those important rankings as well as proliferate your site’s visibility in the long run.