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Date :August 8, 2019

Effective ways to make your WordPress website SEO-friendly

For make your WordPress website SEO-friendly , you will have to focus both on the on-page as well as off-page search engine optimization strategies.

Offpage SEO includes employing those policies that are external to your actual site. It involves strategies like creating referral traffic and link building. Onpage SEO consists of the enhancement of the internal components of your website. You can utilize a no. of ways to improve your on-page SEO like using keywords in your text. It can further help you to attain higher rankings on the search engines like Google.

Various methods that you can utilize to make your WordPress website SEO-friendly are as follows:

Use SEO Plugins:

Several plugins are available to help you to optimize your site. Out of all the plugins, the most useful one is Yoast.

This tool includes all the main aspects of SEO, such as SEO title and tags. It is simple to utilize with no coding required. You can employ the plugin to examine your website. It also supplies you with the feedbacks to help you in the process of optimization.

Use Keywords:

Employing keywords in your text is essential to enhance the SEO of your website. But you should not include your keywords anywhere on the page. Google will give more value to your site if you place the keyword in the post title or on the page than somewhere else.

Build a sitemap:

Another way to improve the SEO of your WordPress website is to establish a site map. For including XML site map on your site, you must use a plug such as Google XML Sitemaps or Yoast SEO.

We here are mentioning the steps that you will have to follow to insert a site map on your WordPress site by using Yoast:

1   Download the Yoast plugin

2   Go to the SEO menu present in the left-hand column

3   Then select active advanced features

4   You can now view the XML sitemap option in the left-hand column.

5   Click on the XML sitemap choice and then select “enable.”

 Test Site Speed:

Faster sites are logistically easier for SEO. Google sends in bots to rank the websites. These crawlers creep through every site to hunt for indicators. Faster is the speed of your site, the more quickly will these bots crawl through it.

There are several online tools like GTMetrix or Pingdom, that you can employ to test the speed of your website.

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