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Date :July 3, 2019

Web Hosting alone is not sufficient to secure your website

A website is a continuing project that requires precise care and attention from you as well as your website development partner. To enjoy the safest and hassle-free website experience, you will need the following services from your website design company:

  1. Website Hosting– First of all, you must have a secure and reliable host for your website.
  2. Support– For making a content update or when something is not working correctly on your website, you will need a website support system from an experienced web development agency.
  3. Security – If you want to keep your website safe and protected, then update the WordPress version and plugins constantly.

Website services we offer:

We have above 10 years of expertise in website design services, website support and Website Hosting. We have extended our services to so many clients. We are master in delivering WordPress websites. When we build and develop your website, we attain a thorough perception of the needs and requirements of your business.

Our ongoing website services include the following:

Website Security

Online security is becoming an essential factor in providing a secure functionality of your website. The most imminent threats to your site include viruses, malware and hacking. We at Sky For Web take this issue seriously and provide our customers with the following services:

  1. Regular Security Monitoring – We run website malware scanners every day to proactively discover any harmful activity
  2. Weekly WordPress Updates – We update the WordPress itself and all the plugins every week

Website Hosting

We provide customized servers to present the safest and protected environment for the websites to work best for our clients.

  1. Email hosting including up to 20 email inscriptions
  2. E-commerce which incorporates 20 GB of Disk space and 50 GB of Bandwidth
  3. 24/7 Server Monitoring
  4. Website Back Ups
  5. 99.9% uptime
  6. Standard: 30 GB of Bandwidth and 10 GB of Disk space
  7. Recovery of Website in case of disaster

Website Support

When something is concerning with your website, then most of the people want nothing more than the assurance that their website is in the safe hands and whenever any issue will occur, that will get addressed promptly. We render the subsequent services:

  1. Free one hour one to one online introductory session while handing over your website to you
  2. Within our business hours, i.e. 9am-5pm we offer help at our desks, on phones or emails
  3. Phone and Email assistance with qualified WordPress specialists
  4. Expert opinion on Domain and DNS administration
  5. After-hours emergency help
  6. Extensive knowledge base
  7. Full assistance in establishing email accounts on all devices