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At Sky For Web, we offer web hosting services to businesses of every domain. We specialise in offering customised service to our clients for catering to their demands and requirements.

To give you a glance at what it is all about, hosting is the space that makes your website accessible and visible on the web. Once your site is completely ready after programming codes, we need your desired Domain and hosting of your choice. In case you don’t have any hosting setup, we will help you to host your website on the most reliable servers guaranteeing 99.9% uptime.

It would be connected to secured data centres around the world for faster page loading. At Sky For Web, we choose high performance and blazing high speed optimised servers which work 24/7. They keep your website available every time whenever someone types web address using browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.So, let’s accept the truth: Website hosting is a complicated task that involves lots of confusing details and dealing with technical jargons. Hence, it is important to hire experienced professionals like us who are –
  • Skilled
  • Flexible
  • Affordable
Benefits of hiring us for Web Hosting Services:
  • We ensure fastest loading With fastest loading, we can also handle heavy traffic efficiently. Maximum conversion rates are assured.
  • Responsive Infrastructure Considering the high standard of your business, we have highly responsive infrastructure to offer uninterrupted and satisfactory service.
  • Constant monitoring Our team in Melbourne monitors the system 24*7 from different locations. After all, providing smooth service to your clients is our motto.
  • Affordable packages Based in Australia, Sky For Web is known for providing the most reliable web hosting for our quality service coupled with affordable packages. You pay the value worth our quality!
  • Perfect for every business domain We offer our services to every business domain regardless of size. Be it a large enterprise or a small business, we offer responsive website design, domain and hosting set up according to your requirements.
  • Major types of website hosting: Website Server: Dedicated only to you for your resource-intensive, high traffic websites. Virtual Private Server (VPS): Shared service with few people and upgraded resources. VPS offers more control, flexibility and power. Web Hosting (Shared): This is also shared but with multiple users. All the necessary resources are available.
Hence, you can select depending on the objective of your website and its requirements. Some of our other web hosting features are:
  • Enough disk space for storing your emails and websites.
  • No compromising on speed
  • Easily upgrade between different plans
  • Offer nightly backups
So, if you are looking for best web hosting, contact us now without any doubt. Sky For Web would be glad to share more details with you. “User experience is supreme to your online business’ success.”