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Date :July 23, 2019

Why you require a hosting provider?

website hosting is a service allowing you to publish your website live on the internet. A hosting provider is an association that provides you with the entire tech that you require to get your website hosted.

The web hosts offer you the servers that help you to present your site to your audiences. Servers are the computers that provide you with the web pages and act as a repository for data. The servers also connect your website with the browsers. When you hire website builders for your project, then they provide hosting to you so that you can publish your site without any worry about hosting services. But in all other circumstances, you require a website host to make your website live.

The hardest part is to select a proficient website hosting provider because once you finished this job; your web host will take care of the rest of the things. So, if you don’t have any technical knowledge, then you need not worry as your web hosting company will manage the technical side of your site.

Your website hosting provider is responsible for delivering your website to your visitors through its server. Whenever a user searches the address of your website, then these hosts will send your website to the user’s computer.  If you do not have the server furnished to you by your hosting provider, then nobody will be able to join your website.

Topmost website hosting companies:

On the basis of the research made by considering the following factors, we are mentioning here the best web hosting companies:

  1. Types of hosting offered by the company,
  2. Number of website hosting features,
  3. Help and support specialties,
  4. Value for disk space and money
  5. Uptime

All these factors are essential for the prosperity of your website. For example, if we talk of the uptime, then it is a feature that estimates the duration of time for which your website is truly up and running online. If a hosting provider has a low uptime, then it means that your website will not have enough chances of getting viewed by your visitors.

Depending upon the data that we obtained from the analysis, the top five hosting providers in the market are:

  1. HostGator
  2. Bluehost
  3. GoDaddy Hosting
  4. iPage
  5. SiteGround

HostGator has gained the topmost position because it provides a vast range of hosting services, the value for money and premium customer support to its customers.

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