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Date :August 6, 2019

Essential Steps For Your WordPress Maintenance Checklist

It is essential to regularly check the WordPress website for stuff against which you need to take requisite precautions. But, nobody has so much time to test his/her site frequently. The best thing which you can opt is to verify for a few crucial things to remain tension free.

Here, we have consider Essential Steps For Your WordPress Maintenance Checklist .

  1. Consider checking your code in the validator regarding the presence of any anomaly or irregularity.
  2. Always track the ranking of your website by using appropriate tools.
  3. Consider visiting your website by keeping user’s perspective in your mind.
  4. Never select the following checkbox settings: “discourage the search engines from indexing this website”.
  5. Never interfere with robots.txt or .htaccess file. If you have to do that, then ensure to use a certified and validated code.
  6. Submit the sitemap of your site to Google Search Console.
  7. Instead of waiting for search engine crawlers to creep through your sitemap, try to do it by yourself.
  8. In emergencies, consider scheduling a daily backup of your website. For doing it, you can either apply free plugins or any paid options that will be available to you.
  9. Consider optimizing your website for high loading speed. Your site should get loaded within 1-2 seconds of the request.
  10. Choose a reliable host for your website to enhance its loading speed.
  11. Enable caching of your WordPress website to present a more enjoyable experience for your users.
  12. Always check your site for the presence of any broken links or dead pages. If available, try to restore them as soon as possible.
  13. Never overload your website with too many elements. It can slow down the speed of your site and make it lag.
  14. Always go for a mobile-friendly responsive website design.
  15. Whenever you employ multimedia elements in your site, compress them as much as possible without negotiating the quality.
  16. The theme, as well as plugins that you install on your website, has a significant effect on your users. So, always go for a trusted, reputed source.
  17. Always update the elements of your site according to the latest version. Get rid of those components which you use once in 1-2 months.

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