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Date :August 10, 2019

Best WordPress SEO Plugins for Ranking Better in 2019

There are many SEO Plugins to assist you in optimizing your website. In this blog, we have described Best WordPress SEO Plugins for Ranking Better in 2019 that you must consider to enhance your search engine results.

  1. Yoast SEO:

It is one of the most valued and commonly used WordPress SEO Plugins. This plugin is so popular because it is easy to apply and offers a vast range of features. By utilizing it, the users can optimize their websites both for search engine bots as well as for humans. This tool also gives you the potential to control the readability of your content. As a result, you don’t have to write for any particular search engine.

The main features of Yoast SEO are as follows:

  • Suggests you the different ways to optimize your site
  • Imply the focus keyword for your text
  • Set aside multiple focus keywords
  • Edits the fragment of your text that gets displayed in search results along with your title
  • Inserts canonical tags to the content to avoid its duplication
  • Allow you to submit an XML sitemap for your website. It aids Bing and Google to index your site.
  • Permits you to manage the breadcrumbs on your website
  • Offers you with a readability score. It helps to enhance the content further
  • Keeps an eye on the number of inbound and outbound links
  • Incorporated with the Google Search Console
  1. Google XML Sitemap:

Google XML Sitemap plugin is available for a decade. It is one of the most extensively used WordPress SEO Plugins. As soon as you begin to publish on your WordPress website, you should start using this tool. Once you have fixed the plugin, it will take care of all your work.

  • Google XML Sitemap creates the file of URLs of all of your content.
  • You can frequently update your data, which is a must to do thing if you add a lot of fresh content consistently.
  • An XML sitemap plugin helps the search engines to index your website by enlisting the URLs of the whole of your content.
  1. W3 Total Cache:
  • W3 Total Cache Plugin allows a website to maintain its balance.
  • Prevents the site from crashing down even when there’s a massive influx of traffic.
  • Augment both the user experience as well as SEO.
  • Reduces the download time and improves the performance of the site with the help of a CDN, i.e. content delivery network.

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